Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wednesday Sept 19!

Spelling test Friday!

We had such an amazing day at The Agricultural Society! The kids and I learned so much about farming, cattle, seeds and vegetable growing. We received tons of goodies from the society which provides lots of information about what we learned today!


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Wednesday Sept 18

Field trip tomorrow, forms need to be in tomorrow or children will be unable to attend.
Terry Fox pledges have gone home.
October order forms for the lunch program have gone home.

We started learning about nouns today and the different types (common vs proper). We learned how to identify and use them in a sentence.

In math, we started with our usual mad minutes with numbers from 0 to 20 only addition.
We then learned how to use number lines! This was helpful to most students when doing skip counting to ensure we have the accurate numbers.

This afternoon we discussed pioneer food and created a T-chart to list what we learned about Pioneer food in comparison to Modern food.

Our day ended with French! Tomorrow is our field trip, please wear your uniforms. We will be eating lunch before we go, children that receive hot lunch will still have it. 

I have also asked students if they have an extra binder at home to please bring it in. If they do not, don't worry about it. 


Miss Kiroff 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Third week!

Good afternoon everyone! Today we started our new spelling unit. Our spelling pattern is short i. We will be working on spellings and grammar everyday.

Our spelling words are:

As usual, we had mad minutes to start our math class. We are continuing with patterns and grouping. The grade 2s are looking at how we group similar things. The grade 3s are looking at how we group by skip counting (2s, 3s, 5s, 10s). In the afternoon we did a scavenger hunt to learn more about Pioneer homes. They had to search for missing words to determine the sentences. We have continued our novel study book, Little House in the Big Woods. We created a sequence of events as a class to remember everything that we have read.

Next week is the Terry Fox run. All children have received forms for Terry Fox pledges. 

We also have a field trip on Wednesday! We are going to the Agricultural Society in Grand Valley for their Agricultural Awareness day. This fits nicely with our Pioneer Unit to understand Agriculture and farming better. We leave at 12:30, after we finish lunch and arrive back at school by 3:15. Forms were sent home after school today to be signed and brought back tomorrow, please. There is no cost and transportation is provided. We don’t require any parent volunteers. All information is provided on the form but if you have any other questions, let me know!


Miss Kiroff

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday's update!

Good evening everyone! Today was a busy day as we had gym and art! We have completed our math assessments and our DRA’s! We will be finishing our OWA’s tomorrow and all of our assessments will be done.

We continued to work on patterns today. The grade threes had to determine the missing numbers in a pattern. They worked with large numbers and patterns that increased and decreased. The grade twos worked with number patterns as well. It was a challenging activity but they were up to it and did great!

In writing, we read another chapter in our novel study and discussed how it relates to our lives. To their surprise, most students could relate. This made it a lot easier for them to understand about pioneer life. We finished our day examining aspects of pioneer homes that are similar to ours. Again, we noticed quite a few similarities but with updated versions.

Tomorrow is our spelling test on words with short a and short e. The words are on the blog incase anyone wants to practice, but we have been practicing all week. I sent home two forms today. One is for October lunch orders and the second is about an extra-curricular club. And thank you to everyone who came out to the BBQ yesterday, it was great to talk and meet with everyone!

See you all tomorrow!


Miss Kiroff